Un sac plein de cash!

De tout les spams que je reçois ceux que je préfère le plus c'est les inconues qui ont besoin de mon aide pour m'envoyer de grosse somme d'argent. J'aime particulièrement ça car dans des moments d'emmerdement je m'amuse à leur répondre. Voici ce que ça donne:


l am Sgt David Ford.

l am a US soilder presently serving in lraq.

l am stationed in Muqdadiya, north east of Baghdad.

Please, l need you to assist me receive the money that l found in a jute bag after a suicide bomber walked through several security points in the green zone and blew himself up killing five lraqi law makers and my fellow team mate Sgt Brad Holzhauer of the 2nd Battalion,505th Parachute lnfantry Regiment,3rd Brigade combat Team,82nd Airborne Division at Ft Bragg NC.

Thank you for your kindness.

Sgt Ford.

Vous comprenez qu'après la lecture de ce mail, j'étais pas mal excité à l'idée de recevoir ce beau gros sac remplis d'argent, surtout que se sac doit en contenir beaucoup car tout le monde sait que les terroristes qui se font exploser transporte toujours une grosse quantité d'argent sur eux... Alors j'ai donc répondu ceci au Sergent Ford:


I'm currently the prince of Quebec, one of the biggest producer of cheese curds in the whole universe. I'm actually looking for some US soldier to export our product in Iraq. Can you help me? I just need your bank account number, in order to transfer you 1 millions cheese curds dollars?

Thank you kindly,

Prince LeDetache

PS: My son think I'm dead and he's currently looking for some bank account to transfer all the cheese curds diamonds I possess. If you get a email from him, don't give him your bank info it's a fraud!!!

Après se mail je n'esperais pas vraiment de réponse mais à ma grande surprise, je reçu ceci:

Hi Prince,
l do not have a bank account that l can provide to you.
All l need is from you is to assist me receive and be in custody of the fund held in the jute bag pending the time that l will be leaving lraq.
l am ready to part with 60/40 to make each party relevant.
l hope this is cleared Prince.
Sgt Ford

Cool c'est un bon ratio ça je commence vraiment à aimer Mr. Ford, j'avais des idées afin de facilité l'échange:

Yeah sure, I can probably make space in one of my many cheese curds factory... But before we start I must tell you something very important.. In Quebec our religion are against round number so can we part like 59.9999 / 41.1111 ? Our mighty god Poutine ask us to only use real number since it force us to use our brain a bit more...

I also know many soldiers in your unit, it would be much easier to give them the bag so they can bring the "SPECIAL PACKAGE" to me. You probably know Private Chrysler or Cpt. Hummer. I hope is doing better since he was allergic to sand...But please avoid the General Motor because is in the morphine addiction lately and I'm afraid he will use the money to buy more... Anyway what's in your mind for the next step in the fraud? Please also include a picture of you so I can recognize you when you take back the juce bag!

Your kindly devoted,

Prince Ledetache

Malheureusement je n'ai jamais reçu de réponse ensuite... J'espère qu'il ne lui ai rien arrivé...

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guilag a dit...

Nice !

Je crois que tu pourrais avoir le titre de gouverneur general du Quebec avec ces beaux textes :-p

LeDétaché a dit...

Surement pas pour la qualité de la langue cependant ;)

Keith Mania a dit...

Lol, good job Frank, lol... J'adore le "amightly God Poutin..." LOl.. trop fort.

Juste pour toi mon pot--> http://blog.keithdennisjr.com/2007/09/07/good-job-frank-or-should-i-say-prince-lol/

LeDétaché a dit...

Glad you liked it ;) I did this in the past but forgot yahoo deleted the mail for inactivity... I was trying to get the account number of the guy so I can put money in his account since I juste won a million and he was the first one in the world to speak to me and be so generous... so I wanted to give him money :D

I don't know why he never gave me the informations I needed

Francis au Japon a dit...


Toujours divetissant de passer ici.

À bientôt, Prince de Québec représentant de notre oh! divin dieu Poutine.

LeDétaché a dit...

Avec un accent tiki-mart je réponds:

"Thank you come again good sir"

Mune a dit...

ahahah trop hot!

good job dude! :-)